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Dentaş Paper Industry Inc., the roots of which dating back to 1941, is a subsidiary of Abalıoğlu Holding Inc. managed with corporate principles. Founded in 1972, our company is engaged in the design, production, and sales of molded cellulosic packaging also named as molded fiber. Dentaş Paper, strategically committed to become a prominent preferred trademark all over the world with its innovative products, has a facility titled SC Dentas Romania SRL in Romania in addition to two facilities located in Denizli and Aksaray.

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Company history overview


Establishment under the title of Dentaş Wood Products and Comestible Industry and Trade Inc.


Commencement of Dentaş Molded Fiber facilities under the Dentaş Corrugated Cardboard Industry Inc.


Establishment of SC Dentaş Romania SRL, as %100 owned subsidiary of Dentaş Paper Industry Inc.


Launching the Production of SC Dentaş Romania SRL company.


Becoming one of the founding members of EMFA (European Molded Fiber Association) established by the leading molded fiber producers in Europe.

The decision to invest in non-egg related packaging products.


Initiation of product devolepment activities with Dentaş Technology.


Establishment and launching of the most advanced Pulp and Paper R & D laboratory in Turkey.


Establishment and launching of the second facility in Aksaray.


Acquisition of R & D Center status.


“To produce the best and sustainable products which touch the lives.“



“To provide permanent solutions to our stakeholders by cherishing people, quality and innovation.“


(1920 – 1994)


He gained his first experience in business life carrying out leather trade at his father’s workplace while he was a student. Upon his father Mehmet Ali ABALIOĞLU’s desease in 1941, he left his education at the Istanbul Business College and returned to Denizli, where he began working with his older brother Baki ABALIOĞLU. Mr. Cafer and Baki bought Karabacak Flour Factory in 1944 with participation of their brother-in-law Hacı Ahmet İNCEOĞLU.

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Policies and Procedures


We, as Dentas Kagit Sanayi A. S. (Dentas Paper Industry Joint Stock Company) act with the target of generating consciousness and culture and the belief of increasing the performance of the management systems related with the application and improvement of the management systems together with all of our employees. We continuously improve ourselves, form this policy of ours and offer to the usage of all of our employees and according to the principles below in order to continuously improve the products, increase conformities, increase customer satisfaction, protect environment and prevent pollution, prevent hazards, and accidents not happening:

• We create the quality, environment and work health and safety management systems and fulfill all requirements of these systems in order for the sustainability of the works.
• We follow up the legal arrangements and all compatibility conditions in all of our activities.
• We determine in advance the factors necessary to prevent work accidents, occupational diseases and work-related injuries and health deterioration in our business, and reduce them to an acceptable risk level.
• We find out beforehand and eliminate the factors which may cause work accidents and occupational diseases.
• We do studies in order to measure the performance of the management systems and to increase the performance and continuously improve all of our processes with respect to quality, environment, health, and safety risks.
• We show the ability to regularly provide products and services and endeavor to ensure the customer satisfaction at the highest level.
• We follow up the technological developments and direct our investments accordingly in order to provide the products with the quality our customers want in due time.
• We reduce or recover the waste from our processes at the source.We use the natural resources efficiently and productively and follow up and apply the technological innovations related with this.
• We endeavor to decrease and prevent environmental pollution by using the suitable technologies developed in our products and in the design and production procedures and by continuing applying our environmental policy.
• We ensure that energy, raw materials and natural resources are used efficiently.
• We set our objectives from a life-cycle perspective, taking into account all factors that have an impact on our performance in terms of quality, OHS, and the environment as well as our risks and opportunities.
Our policy has the nature of framework for determining and reviewing environment, work health and safety targets. We commit together with all of our employees that we shall continue our researches and investments in order to fulfill the requirements of this policy, our responsibilities and to ensure a healthy working environment.
Revision Number:4 Confirmation Date:5.8.2023


As, Dentas Kagit Sanayi A.S, while designing, producing and selling the celluloid packaging material for food and non-food goods, our aim is
•To meet expectations of our customers regarding Product Safety and provide satisfaction by preventing fake products and adulteration,
•To establish effective communication between our suppliers and other related parties concerning the Product Safety
•To be in compliance with national and international regulations on Product Safety and prevention of fake products an adulteration
•To establish Quality and Product Safety Management System and Product Safety and Quality Culture in all our facilities,
•To ensure continuous improvement and development of the system and all employees by providing required sources and Support.
Revision Number:0 Confirmation Date:1.3.2022


As, Dentas Kagit Sanayi A.S, with the Energy Management System we have created to ensure effective use of the energy in every stage of our activities, we make a commitment
•To provide a framework for establishing energy goals and objectives, and to provide, review and update the knowledge, availability, required resources and support to achieve these goals and objectives,
•To continuously improve the energy that we consume per unit of production by controlling our energy consumption,
•To develop projects in order to increase energy efficiency, to provide the required resources and information to realize these projects; to implement them and follow the results.
•To fulfill relevant national and international legal and other compliance obligations
•To use energy efficient products, to purchase services and to prioritize energy efficiency in design activities to improve energy performance.
•To make a contribution to raising the awareness of our suppliers, sub-employers and visitors, as well as raising the awareness of employees on natural resource consumption and energy efficiency.
•To review and constantly improve the Energy Management System with all our employees by integrating it with corporate management practices at certain intervals.
Revision Number:0 Confirmation Date:1.3.2022


Dentaş Kağıt Sanayi A.Ş. olarak tüm çalışanlarımızla birlikte tıbbi cihazlar Kalite yönetim sisteminin uygulanması ve iyiye götürülmesi amacıyla kendimizi sürekli iyileştiriyor, bu politikamızı oluşturup tüm çalışanlarımızın kullanımına sunarak aşağıdaki ilkelere göre hareket ediyoruz;
• Tıbbi Cihaz Regülasyonu (MDR) 2017/745 gerekliliklerini sağlamak temel amacımızdır.
• Üst düzeyde müşteri memnuniyetini sağlamak amacıyla; müşterilerimizin istedikleri kalitede ürünleri zamanında sağlamak için teknolojik gelişmeleri takip etmekte ve yatırımlarımızı ona göre yönlendirmekteyiz.
• Güvenli tedarikçiler ile çalışarak ürün güvenliğini en üst düzeyde tutmayı hedeflemekteyiz
• Üretim proseslerinin her alanında, kaliteden ödün vermeden sürekli geliştirmeyi işimizin bir parçası olarak görmekteyiz.
• ISO 13485:2016 'ya göre Kalite Yönetim Sistemini; tüm aşamalarda sürekli olarak iyileştirmeyi taahhüt etmekteyiz.


As Dentas Kagit Sanayi A.S., we are committed to Abalioglu Holding A.S. Ethical Principles in every step of our activities and we undertake
• That we absolutely reject all forms of discrimination and harassment based on gender, race, social class, religion, age, national/ethnic origin, marital status, political opinion, disability or sexual orientation
• That we will comply with applicable laws and regulations in working hours and overtime periods for efficient work
• That we will make normal and overtime payments in accordance with the law and regulations
• That we will ensure that there is no verbal, physical, psychological harassment or coercion to ensure the peace of the working environment and to ensure that employees work happily,
• That we will ensure that there can be no contractually obligated work or work against debt and that working is voluntary,
• That we will not have employees under the age of 15 at any stage of production, for the healthy development of children and the right to education, and we will act in accordance with the procedures and regulations regarding child and young labor,
• That we will ensure the safety of employees at work within the framework of the law, to protect their health and to continuously improve the work environment for the improvement of the work environment, to organize trainings on Occupational Health and Safety and to provide the necessary equipment,
• That our minimum requirement is to comply with applicable environmental legislation and regulations,
• That we will ensure that information systems are used in a legal and ethical manner,
• That we strive to create a working environment characterized by honesty and mutual respect,
• That we keep company interests and our private interests strictly separate from each other
• That we will unconditionally compete fairly,
• That we will attach importance to the development of technical, social and methodological skills of our employees,


Bu yönetmeliğin amacı Abalıoğlu Holding Anonim Şirketi iştirakı olan Dentaş Kağıt Sanayi Anonim Şirketinin “Etik İlkeler” de yer alan rüşvet ve yolsuzluk karşıtı politikalarının ortaya konulmasıdır

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