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Construction Speed Up

Mahmut Oğuz, the Provincial Director of National Education, made an on-site examination in the neighborhood of Adalet at the construction of Dentaş Autistic Children Special Education Application Center which started as a special project.

Mahmut Oğuz, after visiting the construction of the special education application center, all of which is going to be built by benefactors, has said that "Once our Center that is being built by our benefactors is complete, it is going to be a huge complex with a capacity for 120 students. Our school, which is designed as a special project on a land of 10 thousand square meters, will be among the largest autistic children special education practice centers in the country. The construction will be finished in August 2015 and will cost approximately 2.5 million Turkish Liras. The entire school is built by our benefactors. Our new school will fortify our strength in the means of helping our special children take their place in the society enabling them to get the most out of their education. Denizli is one of the leading provinces in the field of special education. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank all our benefactor sand express my gratitude.”

Visiting the construction area, the Provincial Director of National Education Mahmut Oğuz, benefactor businessmen M. Ali Abalıoğlu and İsmet Abalıoğlu, inquired about the construction stages from the architects and engineers who are conducting the project.

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