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Dentaş is engaged in the design, production, and sales of molded fiber packaging also named as molded fiber.

Dentaş, strategically committed to become a prominent trademark being preferred all over the world with its innovative products, has a facility titled SC Dentas Romania SRL in Romania in addition to two facilities located in Denizli and Aksaray in Turkey.

Our company, aware of the implementation of an environmentally friendly policy and the ecological potential of the product, has adopted a sustainable development approach.

About Us
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Our Product Groups

We offer in-box packaging and molded fiber solutions to many sectors in the field of egg packaging,
fruit-vegetable packaging, and industrial packaging.

Egg <br/> Packaging


The Best Protection, Packaging and Transport
for Eggs

Fruit & Vegetable <br/> Packaging

Fruit & Vegetable

The Best Protection, Packaging, and Transport for Fruits and Vegetables

Industrial<br/> Packaging


Standard and Custom Design Products Providing Solutions to Various Sectors.


Dentaş produces 100% ecologic
and recyclable molded fiber packaging
for the protection, transportation, and presentation
of your products.

Product Design

Product Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Dentaş Technology

Dentaş Technology


Advantages of Molded Fiber

News & Announcements

dentas paper

We obtained cellulosic raw material from
wheat straw and agricultural wastes

A company in Denizli developed packaging material with cellulose obtained from agricultural wastes.


Dentaş came in first in the
energy efficiency

Dentaş Paper has been awarded the first prize in the sub-category of Paper and Paper products.

Dentaş Paper Special Education Center

Special Education Center
Construction Speed Up

Provincial Director of National Education Mahmut Oğuz, in the neighborhood of Adalet, made an on-site examination at the construction of Dentaş Autistic Children Special Education Application Center which started as a special project.


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