Product Design

Product Design

We carefully examine your demands.

By analyzing your expectations and needs, our engineers determine the features that the product should have and we proceed to the design stage with our innovative and original solution approach which is the main principle adopted by our company.

You imagine, we design!

We implement the mold production in the biggest mold manufacturing workshop of the industry within our corporation, subsequently we go into the test production.

  • 3D CAD drawing
  • 3D prototype sample production
  • Mold design and production
  • Test production stage
  • Mass production


Dentaş offers solutions for your needs. It produces durable and high value-added products.


It is a shock absorber. Three-dimensional adaptation to fragile products provides high protection.


It provides space-saving and transportation advantages thanks to its intertwining product features.


Produced from 100% recycled paper, green product, easily dissolves in nature.

Project Steps

We evaluate the product demands according to the project steps stated below.

Step 1: Identifying the customer requirements

Customer provides 3D datasets and product samples

Step 2: Budget Planning

Total budget cost is determined as a result of the research

Step 3: Preparing an Agreement

Signing a mutual agreement to start the project.

Step 4: Creating 3D Drawings

Creation of 3D CAD concept and presentation to the customer.

Step 5: Sample Production

Production of 3D prototype samples for design verification purposes.

Step 6: Production of Molds

Step 7: Starting to Mass Production

After the test production is completed smoothly, mass production starts.

Step 8: Logistics

Logistic support is provided to deliver the product to the customer.


We will carefully evaluate the new product or packaging demands from you and start our works in order to offer the most appropriate solution.



We determine the specifications of the packaging and proceed to the design stage with the innovative and original solution approach that our company has always adopted as a principle.



After the smooth completion of the project stages, we put our packaging solution into mass production and offer it to our customers.


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